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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by rmks2000, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I have several Polish, Czech, German etc. card models that are fairly complex. Although they have construction diagrams, there are often little comments in the diagrams that help to explain that sub-process. Without buying several language dictionaries, is there a way to scan the documents and then translate them through babelfish? I think my scanner only saves scans as PDFs or JPGs. Do any of the manufacturers supply English instructions upon request?
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    If you have no luck with the original publishers, try IMTranslator. It is a plug-in for Internet Explorer, and I've used it on some Russian texts. It isn't perefect of course, but it is better than nothing! If you know something of the subject matter and context, you can usually get the gist of it.

    Hm, scrub that; I just checked; it does russian, english, german, french, chinese, portuguese, spanish and a few others, but not Polish or Czech!

    Anyway, it might help. google for IMTranslator. Its a 'smartlink'...

    Tim P (wunwinglow)
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    You're getting in the world of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). If you've got a reasonable scanner it probably comes with an OCR program bundled in - Canon scanners used to - I'm not sure about the current models. What these do is match the bitmap of a scanned character to a library of character maps and give the equivalent character code as ASCII or Unicode. Even the best cheap OCR (i.e. one you can afford) probably won't get more than 98% correct scanning from printed documents so you'll have to do some hand editing of the resultant text. At that point you can simply feed the text to Babelfish.

    There are some gotchas - where a written langauge uses lots of diacritical marks (the little dashes and dots over letters) (like Polish or Czech) this can give OCR a hard time. Also you've got to have the correct language library for the OCR program to be able to handle the text.


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    Thanks guys. Just to clarify, the issue isn't translating from my browser, the problem is translating hard copy. If you scan the model, the scanner stores it as an image, not as text characters. The browser translators cannot translate the wording in the scan because it sees it as an image. I have a Canon printer/scanner so I'll see if it has any OCR software. I'll also write to the manufacturers .

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