Need to know what the best RC airplane is without the highest cost?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by sometimesitjustis, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. sometimesitjustis

    sometimesitjustis New Member

    My boyfriend has an RC Car that he loves, so I thought for our anniversary in July I would buy him an RC plane. From the little bit of research I've done it looks like a trainer plane would be the best for him. Does anyone know of a place online I could find one where the price isn't astronomical and the plane is a good one for beginners? On the websites they all say they're great!
  2. drunkinpoet

    drunkinpoet New Member

    i've been looking around myself for a good trainer plane, and i think i found one that's easy to fly AND very affordable. the plane is very durable, can crash and still fly... made out of molded foam. there are more models than the one i linked to, but the same company makes other models. good luck!p.s. if i had a girlfriend who bought me an RC plane i wouldn't let her go! ;o)
  3. Spadinator

    Spadinator New Member

    Check out They have free plans and I can build a plane for about 9 bucks minus the running gear of course.
  4. degreen60

    degreen60 Member

    Look at GWS foam models. I taught myself to fly with the pico slow stick F. You can buy one with or with out motor. It is much better than the "toy" ones that come ready to fly that use a 27 mhz radio and motor control to steer. It will use a 72mhz radio, a ESC for motor, and 2 servos that can be move to another airplane as one learns to fly.
  5. Spadinator

    Spadinator New Member

    I also have a Slow Stik and it is a very gentle plane. I fly it around in my cul-de-sac.

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