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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by justind, Dec 18, 2001.

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    My new railroad needs a logo.
    I am calling it the Myton & Uintah Mtn Railroad (M&UM). Older equipment will have a Myton Railway Co. logo instead of the M&UM logo.

    The time span for older equipment is 1880's through 1920's. This consists primarily of 4-4-0 old-timers (not the fancy "Americans") and a mixture of small loco's.
    Later models are 2-6-0 Moguls, 2-8-0 Consolidateds, 2-6-2's and 2-8-2's (anyting steam, but not stream-lined).

    The railroad is located in North Eastern Utah at the foot of the Uintah Mountains. The cheif exports are Lumber (pine and aspen), coal, silver, gold, crushed stone, granite, lime, crushed stone and gravel, sheep and some cattle.

    The line is typical of any Utah shortline (except for its myriad of mythical interchanges) and not well-funded, so nothing fancy.

    Any suggestions on what standards they would have stuck too when designing logo's for rail lines in the early 1900's, or if anyone just wants to take a shot at it.

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    I'm thinking very plain jane sorta thing - very plain font with simple geometrical shapes. Perhaps a little bit of color, but there would also be some plain ol' black in it as well. I decided on parallelograms, which are slightly askew, but still quite simple. Chose a "dirty" yellow and dirty "blue" as the two other colors besides the black lettering. Just a thought, this is one of the things I like to do - make up a new company, brand, logo, etc. Colors are a lot more important today than they were in the early 20th century. Anyways, I'm babbling.

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    first logo (current)

    This is the logo for the era that I am modeling, roughly 1945-1960. The colors are similar to the ash-blue, red and yellow that the Utah Railway currently uses. The engines (including disels) don't have an established color scheme, so the logo can be modified as needed with a base color to make it more readable when needed.

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    old logo

    This is the old logo originally used when it was still the Myton Railway Consortium.

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    This is the redesign of the logo when the railway was reopened for tourists and recreation.

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