NEED Space Battleship Yamato's "Andromeda" building instructions!!

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    This is the Battle cruiser "Andromeda" seen on Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers) i have just printed out the 3 sheets of peices for it, and while looking at pics and drawing on the limited experience gained from my first 2 SBY builds I can see where most of the peices go but there are a couple peices and one of the larger hull peices has an unusual set of fold lines in it that have me a little puzzled.
    If anyone can find the building instructions to this model for me i would be very grateful for your assistance, I'm looking now but am not having any luck.
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    Here ya go.
    If there's a layout sheet that shows the part numbers, like the one in the upper right corner of the other models, I unfortunately don't have it.

    I'm also building these three ships, but I'm cheating, I'm using your build pics as part of the instructions. sign1

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    bounce7AWESOME! Thanks ThunderChild!! this is awesome, i wasn't expecting a response so quick, now i can get it together, i owe you one ThunderChild.

    Request, SOLVED!!

    lol, thanks Thunderchild, as my posts evolve i intend to use more pics and more helpful 'on-the-fly' details about the build in progress to assist others in their builds should they wish to attempt the models i have built, i was also thinking of adding videos as well. I'm happy that my builds will help you with yours. good luck, and thanks again for your help.
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    No probs buddy! :D

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