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    As some of you may have been following in my Father/Son project thread, my four year old wanted some garages on his layout for his Micro Machines. That he got - 11 of them built into the side of the mountain. Now, I am really fishing for ideas on how to finish them off. Originally, I thought I would make them appear as mines using matchsticks to frame the openings. That looks like it could be very time consuming and so I am fishing for other ideas. Got any?

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    How about using a toothpaste box cut to about 1"in depth for each garage (probably using a smaller sized toothpaste tube)? If you find one that is cement/concrete color, they'd already be the right color and would convey the strength needed to hold up the dirt overhead. Add some darkened toothpics colored and sized to match for framing and there ya go. The second idea uses the coffee stirs you find (for free) at any fuel/quick-stop gas station. I like those that are about 3/16" wide and flat. They are uniform in size and color, and normaly pretty straight. You could build a garage and it would take less time and use fewer toothpics.
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    The matchstick "timber" portals won't take as long as you think. At least no longer than any other finishing option you choose (more or less). Why not have the little guy help you on it?

    Cut some cardboard shapes slightly undersize (so it won't be visible when finished). Weather some matchsticks with alcohol and a few drops of India ink (let dry for a day or two). Then stick them to your cardboard backing. Trim and touch up, then install.


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