Need some help with new Galactica's Hangar Bay

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Longshaor, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I was able to find a low-res image of the actual set plan for the hangar and blew it up to full scale based on the Cylon Raider shown on the plan and the graphic scale at the bottom, both of which matched up fairly well. The 'issue' is that each of the reventments on the inboard side (opposit the lauch tubes) scales out to a hair over 16' wide. That's barely wide enough for the Mk II and won't fit a Mk VII (which has a wingspan of over 18'). Does anyone know what the width of the set reventments actually was?

    All I can do at the moment is planning while I await a dry weekend so I can get my new work bench installed...

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    Here is a build thread from Commander Adama that mightr help you out.

    Here is a website that also might help as well.

    If nothing else, I would use the MK-VII as the base scale and build the hanger to fit it and every thing else should fit with no problem.

    Either way, I wish you the best of luck with your project.
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    I keep referring to for build ref. It is a great site full of ideas. While it is mostly resin and scratched built studio scale modelers, many of those works can be transferred over to paper. I would post the link to the builds, but they will not come up until you join, which is also free. here are a few downloaded photos fo what they have over there.

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    Thanks for the help, guys!

    Silveroxide - I registered over at resinilluninati and I'm slowly culling through everything that's there. Thanks for the tip!

    Cheers! :thumb:
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    OK, in the event anyone else is planning something similar, here's what I've found so far.

    First, as far as the actual set dimensions, the reventments are about 15-16' wide, so the set plan I found is spot on.

    Second, there are a couple of continuity errors in the filming that cause confusion, namely the consistant spacing of the launch tubes on the exterior of the hull doesn't match the 'tube, tube, lauch control booth, tube, tube' layout of the interior. Another is that there are no doors on the ends of the catwalk above the hangar deck. On one side it terminates at a bulkhead and the other just fades into darkness out of shot. Also, the use of the big red doors between hanger segments to hang green screens from has led to some inconsistancies. In episode 107 (Six Degrees of Separation) we see Boomer walking from left to right in front of the open door. Though it is seen what appear to be two hangar bays identical to the film set. In episode 113 (Kobol's Last Gleaming Pat II) a view past Apollo & Tigh shows an elevator in that same location. And we see the same elevator in episodes 204 and 308, and in operation in 316, though which side of the set it's on seems to flip-flop.

    We've also got a number of shots in the miniseries and later in Season 4 that show a long symetrical and uninterupted hangar bay with no evidence of elevators. Hmmm...

    In short, my conclusion is build it any way you want, that what the CGI boffins elected to do!


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