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  1. Pierre

    Pierre New Member

    Hi all,

    I wanted to build the FG B-52D, but it was way too large to print from the pdf's. I decided to build it in scale 1/144 but converted the pdf's to JPEG's first to remove some unnecessary pics and text (to save some ink) and I wanted to put about 4 pdf pages on 1 A4 page to save paper. I stumbled on 2 problems:
    1. Fineprint factory, which I used to convert the pdf's, didn't export them in the same scale, some are at 106%, 105%, 102% and only 2 were at 100%. Should I use different software?
    2. How do I get the JPEG's (4 of them) in one page at the correct scale? (with Adobe Photoshop)

  2. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    Pdf convertors can get as confused as printers (and people) over paper sizes and fitting images.
    See what I've said to Rick but only enlarge view size to 200% in AR.
    When you resize to 288dpi in Photoshop you will get the reduction of 50% that you need to fit 4 pages onto one.

    BTW Fineprint factory is good but I reckon Win2PDF is slightly better. :)

  3. Pierre

    Pierre New Member

    Ok, thanks, that seemed to work. But I really don't know anything about graphics software. How do I get the 4 files onto a 1 page file?
    Sorry for the stupid questions...

  4. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    The programme should have controls to let you adjust the size of the "canvas" or piece of paper you want to use as well as letting you make adjustments to the image itself.
    Or cheat :lol:
    - rename something you know is big enough and delete the contents - and paste the bits into that.
    Remember to reset it also to 288dpi and to crop it to final size.

  5. rowiac

    rowiac Member


    I'm assuming you have Photoshop 7, but other versions should be similar.

    Try this:

    Open one of the four images that you want to put all on one sheet. Select Image/Canvas Size and then type in double the current sizes for Height and Width (i.e., enter 100mm if the current size is 50mm). In the Anchor box, select a corner for the image to fit in (upper left or whatever you want). When you hit OK, you will have a large file with your original image in one corner and bunch of blank white space to place the other sheets.

    Add the other images by opening them, using Select/All, copy (Ctrl-C), then paste (Ctrl-V) into the file you just enlarged. You can move the pasted images where you want on the sheet by using the Move tool (the black arrow with the arrows next to it in the top right corner of the tool bar). As you paste each file into the larger file, it will create a new layer for each, so you will need to make sure you activate the layer you want to move by selecting it in the layer list first.

    I hope that helps.


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