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  1. hello guys, i just installed a NCE SW9SR decoder in my new proto 2000 switcher. it runs fine, but i have not yet been able to get the head ligt to shine. i have wired it exactly like the directions say and even tried several different bulbs just to make sure it wasnt it. it will not come on at all and i have checked and re checked but im haveing no luck. im no pro at this decoder stuff and im sure im overlooking something, but im not sure what. is there something i have to do as far as programming or should it be set as default? any ideas are really appreciated. thanks! :confused:
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    Do you have the decoder docs and have you turned them on using the function assigned to that function for that decoder ?

    There are several CVs that control lighting, I have no idea about your decoder. Post the docs and I'll try to help.
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    Steve -

    Dave's comments are certainly apropos. Another thought: Are you certain the light works at all? i.e. did you run the train DC beforehand and verify the light is working? Before you get to the end of your rope chasing down a busted light bulb or LED, two pieces of wire, two alligator clips and an old fashioned DC power pack could verify the light works (disconnect from decoder first before testing!)


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