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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CarrieMustDie, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. CarrieMustDie

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    I am a model train enthusiast and am trying to use my knowledge in a school project. What do you think materials or techniques would be best used to recreate machu picchu? Machu Picchu is made up of a slanted mountain with stone buildings scattered throughout.
  2. jim currie

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    :wave: welcome to the gauge :wave: most mountains can by made out of foam and plaster assuming that the buildings are stone you could use carved plaster.
  3. Ralph

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    Hello and welcome. Your screen name has me scratching my head a little bit but your question is easily answered, although possibly by many different opinions based on our members' preferences for scenic matierials. Pictures I've seen of Machu Picchu make me think the carved foam (the blue or pink stuff, not white styrofoam) method would work well. Stack pieces of the foam into a rough shape and carve away until you approximate the basic landscape. Paint the foam with a ground colored latex. There don't seem to be a lot of trees but lots of low greenary at the site so commercial ground covers by a company like Woodland Scenics would fit the bill nicely. As for the ruins, you might be able to cast them in plaster using one simple commercial mold that has a stone pattern. Since the walls are deteriorated you can break up each of several identical castings into unique pieces and create the box shaped dwellings. Interesting project. Let us know how it works out!

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