Need some advice on N scale Locomotives

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by glenn railey, Aug 7, 2005.

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    I am new to the N scale. I previously have only dealt with O guage trains. Every Christmas I set up my trains. All my O trains are PRR with steam engines of different PRR periods. We have been adding village pieces over the past ten years. I have built a layout that covers our entire dining room. I carved a mountain with a tunnel through it. The entire room becomes a Christmas village.
    Mywife wanted me to downscale and she purchased an N set for me.
    I say all this to set the background for my question. I want to change the N set over to a diesel set. I found a set of PRR passenger cars but need a diesel locomotive. The only ones I have been able to find that PRR used were the E7A, the Centipeede, and the FM Erie.
    Does anyone know where I might find a PRR N scale deisel or which model companies that make them.
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    Kato makes an E8/9 in Pennsy's Tuscan Red and gold. You can probably ask about it at your favorite Hobby Store.
    Plus...There's an excellent article in the April issue of the Gaue E-mag about Pennsylvania E8 history. To get to the Article, Go to General Talk. Click on the Gauge Mag Links in the Annoncement Forum, then click on the Spring(April) Issue link.
    Hope this helps..
  3. glenn railey

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    Need some advice on N Deisel Locomotives

    Thanks. I really appreciate the help.


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