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    I'm not sure but I found this forum to be the best place for this but the question is. What kind of radio do I need and how do I find the frequency rail roads are on? I have a bunch of CB's and one handheld CB but nothing that pick's up on the railroad frequencies. Any idea where I can find one that is multi band with a plug in hand held mic like they use? I want one with the hand held mic but only to listen and not talk on their frequency yet switch over to where I can listen and talk on CB radio. I just thought the hand held mic might add to the fun. Then maybe I'll get one of those orange vest's with the holder in the front. Oh and last but not least a ball park figure of how much they go fo :thumb: r?
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    well just get a simple hand held scanner. cheap, then just get the freqs you need for your area, most railfans have them
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    Radio Shack used to have books that listed emergency channel freqs. These also included railroads freqs. This was in the pre-internet days. I've tried the internet but everything I've found requires money in some way. Maybe someone out there knows a site that lists what you'd like for free. The RS books were paperback and about $15 way back in the 70's
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    Here is an internet scanner site... I think Brakie sent me this one.. Not sure though :(

    If you look on the boards - on that site - you might get a few frequencies so you know what scanner you will have to buy. I see scanners at flea markets all the time - most are programmable, so you will be able to use them for RR Listening.

    The mic is a bad thing.. most of these frequencies are Gov. restricted - therefore it is extremely difficult to find any radios that are not receive only.. (Like a scanner)...
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    OOps :) You can click on the links in the left column & listen to that areas towers :)

    CSX Fostoria, OH - is almost always busy :) :)
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    Hi KCS:

    I am a Ham Radio Operator, aka KF4JQD. CB radio is at 27 MHz. The railroad frequencies are around 162MHz. Out of rang for your CB radio! The guys are right about going to Radio Shack and getting a police scanner. One tid bit of information. In the US, there's 100 channels that the railroads use. Yes, there is some "odd" channels out there. They are rare.

    In my car, I have an Icom 2100H 2 meter VHF Ham Radio. I have Northfolk Southern and CSX for Eastern Tennessee. Maybe another hobby for you. There's alot of Ham's who are into railfanning and model railroading.

    Andy KF4JQD

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