Need planes for legal maly AVROMANCHES

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by garyj36, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. garyj36

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    Kit didn't have any. Any ideas? I think when the french first took it it had Hellcats and Avengers. In which case I could buy a gambier bay and downscale the planes to 300th
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    Gary, looks as if we may be trotting down the same path. I just completed redrawing and recoloring the parts to make it closer to the original HSM Colossus configuration. I'm not all that sure what scale I will finally arrive at...probably keep it in 1:300 for the first build (assuming I don't immediately get distracted by another redraw). The Colossus flew Corsairs and, I believe, Barracudas. Anyone know of any kits with the Barracuda? Maybe the JSC Intrepid?
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    The JSC Intrepid has corsairs, the JSC Victorius has albacores and swordfish and Fulmers. The fuselage of the fulmers can be fiddled into barracuda shape, at 1/300 it shouldn't be too noticible. Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy and skewed but this is just a sample pic of what the kits contain :wink:
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    I'm planning to display it with the cruiser Degrasse from the '61 maly CD. Which is designed like a JSC kit. Anyone know if either ship participated i the indo china conflict and if the discussed airwing would still be valid?
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    Just a question.......... could you scale down 1/50 plans to the size you want? Marek's models come to mind as a good cadidates............they are very well detailed and very inexpensive.
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    The Arrowmanches and other Maly carriers are in 1:300 scale or smaller. I seriously doubt that a 1:50 scale Marek kit will be buildable even if you successfully pull off a X6 scale reduction (maybe a wizard like Scorpio could do it, but it is likely beyond the abilities of common morals such as us). I suspect it would be better to try a simpler design (like Fiddlers Green) for that severe a downscaling. It may be easier just to fake it with Wildcats and Dauntlesses. I thought maybe the Maly Ark Royal might be a source, but it has Fulmars and stringbags for a deck compliment.
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    The link is dead sir... :cry:

    Please post the files here... :cry:
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