need paint scheme for UP F7

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by elwood, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. elwood

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    I recently aquired a bachmann seems to run fine, but needs some detailing. it looks to be molded in solid yellow with a union pacific script and logo on the side. It looks funny with out any grey on it. My question is...what parts of the roof are supposed to be grey? is the pilot supposed to be grey too? I don't want to do any painting untill I know where to do so. Im having a hard time finding a prototype in color so I know where to paint. its really bothering looks like a mustard bottle cruising around on my layout:cool:

    Go here for a pic of the loco im messing with. It is included in the "highballer" set from Bachmann.

    thanks for the info!
  2. RailRon

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    Hi elwood - and welcome here on the Gauge!

    Here is a sketch of an UP F7. I hope it gives you the needed information. (I found it somewhere on a website of a European online model RR shop, but I don't think the owner would be mad about me posting the pic. :D )
    BTW: The UP painted the trucks silver, not black.

    If you want more pics, try to find some photos by googling around!

    You see that you have also to get some decals as well, as also the lettering on your loco is all wrong. Lots of fun for your project!


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  3. elwood

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    yeah...I noticed that the script on the side looked funny...vertical instead of being spread out.

    Thanks for the pics!
  4. ross31r

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    you will also find if you are thinking about going DCC with that engine, you can without serious work to it - i have an A-B pair of spectrum F7s and they have no curcuit board or space for a decoder

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