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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by rmks2000, Jul 25, 2006.

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    I've built many aircraft but new to ships. I'm interested in the early warships and am leaning towards HMV's SMS Beowulf or the USS Maine. They both look like they have fit together well, and the number of parts isn't too ridiculous (~800). Eventually I'd like to build the SMS Undine. Has anyone had experience with these kits or could suggest other brands? Thanks.
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    why don't you give the HMVS Cerberus or SMS Rhein from Papershipwrights a try first. They are also early iron battleships and for free as well.
    You can find them under the free downloads at

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Those look like good kits to start with.
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    I'll throw in the freebies at
    The rescaled V108 at 1:200 is particularly nice.

    As far as the HMV kits - I have both Maine and Beowulf. The Maine has been constructed to superstructure stage with no real difficulties. Both models have a lot of small "fiddly-bits" and use the same construction techniques as the Wilhelmshaven models, if you are familiar with those. I would recommend trying one or two of the freebies mentioned above before tackling HMV models.

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