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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Bionic Modeler, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    My First Card Models . . .

    Hi all,

    The very first card models that I built, a long, long time ago, back in the middle (ages) of the 60s, was indeed architecture models. I built a whole town of mixed stone-&-wood German medieval houses, such as the birth house of the painter and draftsman Albrecht Dürer. Click 'Houses and Buildings' and 'Old-town set 5' in this link, and you´ll get the idea:
    I also built a number of German castles, some of them situated along or on the river Rhein in western Germany.

    The manufacturer, Schreiber-Bogen/Aue Verlag Möckmühl ('Bogen' meaning 'a sheet of a foldable card model', from the German word 'bogen' = to fold) - they are still very much in business - check out their latest 2009 model range, of everything from medieval German castles to jet airliners (they also have a new (last year) very interesting and large (over 1 meter high!) model of the Empire State Building in New York, by the way): - just click the U.S. star-spangled banner for the English text version, and then 'Catalogue' and browse around!


    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb:
  2. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    They have a really nice rail car Ferry in there. It says it's 1/10th scale but probably is 1/100th scale. A 1/10th scale anything in card would be pretty big..

    Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Wow do you have more info on that kid?

    John John
  4. Chris1973

    Chris1973 New Member

    I'm in!!! I'm new at this aspect of modeling but I'll try most anything once. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Thomas Meek

    Thomas Meek New Member

    Old Brazilian house

    I have been building paper models for about four years now, and I tend to do a mixture of different subjects: aircraft, especially Zeppelins, ships, trains, cars.

    It happens that I just completed a little model of an old Brazilian house which I downloaded from this site awhile ago.

    I too have a problem with space, and in this case I reduced the pattern by half to come out at about 1:100 scale, still buildable but much less bulky.

    The model is listed in the Downloads section as "Old Brazilian Sobrado." It was designed and offered as a free download by Mauther, who has some other buildings on offer also.

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  6. gleasure

    gleasure Member

    Nice model, thanks for the heads up.

    Will have to try it when I have time (HA!)
  7. Wongwai1123

    Wongwai1123 New Member

    Yes, they wsend to anywhere in the world, I have purchased a few time from them but postage overcost, they got a lotof nice and rare models which can not be found anywhere else.
  8. Cheeky Monkey

    Cheeky Monkey New Member

    I'm new to this forum but not to modeling. I have built models in just about every medium, but over the years have settled into building in card stock and Hirst Arts because I really like doing architectural models. The HA project I am currently working on is Bedzin Castle in Poland and at the scale I am building it will take up about 39"x42". Luckily I have the room to build it but storing it once completed may be a problem. That's why I like card models. They are light, easily stored either in boxes or on a shelf ( the completed castle will probably weigh in the neighborhood of 100lbs - no shelf for it) and when un-built store flat in a bookcase or box. Also I can keep an external HDD full of files and only print them out when ready to build. HA requires massive storage for all the bricks cast - not to mention all the plaster needed; a large work area ( instead of the coffee table in the living room) etc. High quality architectural models are a great challenge in any medium. to view some of my projects.
  9. Paperbender

    Paperbender New Member

    Hi. I might be late to this discussion, but I am interested in your initialpoint of getting more people interested - and connected to share some know how. I would like to make models of historical buildings in my area (Colonial, Civil War and others on histoical record). Is there a official group? If so how do I join?
  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Two year old threads are Necropost. We really don't want to revive the dead. People start to wonder why links don't work, etc.
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