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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Bionic Modeler, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. announce1announce1announce1I have to say, I have taken up this subject for modeling and find it quite enjoyable as all the other subjects have proved to be. I think I have tried every one at some point. Space, trains, ships, planes, animals, you name it. But every time I check this thread I notice how little intereet there is very little interest. It is very big in some parts of the world, so why not here? What is it about our members that have so little interest in architectural models?

    I find the castles to be quite challenging and especially the ones from the Russian, Chech part of the word. They are very ornate and beautiful.

    So how bout some of you fellow modelers give this a go and get some more activity in this thread?

    I started with some lighthouses from Fiddlers then moved on to some castles and similar.balloon6
  2. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    My biggest problem is room... That's why I work in Braille scale to begin with.
  3. jaffro

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    I guess people will mostly make or design models of the subjects they like the most... it just seems that most people would rather make trains, planes, boats, spaceships etc.

    Personally, I love the fact that card modeling gives us the chance to make affordable models of subjects from movies and tv shows that aren't available in plastic or if they are, are way to overpriced.

    The very first card models I ever made were miniature cities made up of lots of different sized square "tubes", when I was about 12 years old... WAAAAY before I ever discovered plastic models or anything along the lines of the card models we see here every day.
  4. Lex

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    It does purely depend on personal taste. I think this is simply because a lot people (say, me) do not have quite enough appreciation of architecture models as they do for other subjects...
  5. I think if people would just research what is availabel, there are some reakky cool models available.
  6. I have built a number architectural models (castles), and enjoyed them all very much. My interest in card modeling has its origin in architectural models, and I still have a few in my future project pile. But, like lepercan, my problem is finding the space to display them after they are built. I bought the L' Instant Durable model of Chambord directly from the chateau's gift shop a number of years back, but sold it on eBay unbuilt after wracking my brain trying to figure out where the heck I could display the thing as it was over 20" square. I built a few long, skinny ones like Chenonceau, Haut Koenigsburgh, and Neuschwanstein, and displayed them on my mantle for a few years, but after repeated dustings the smaller pieces (weathervanes, etc) started breaking off, and I hated to see them fall to ruins as it were, and moved them out of sight to the basement where they suffered even more. Finally they were all claimed by the landfill. A larger house will have to wait until after I hit the lottery :) so for the time being, my models have to have a max 8" footprint. I do have a few small architectural downloads though. Hmmmm.
  7. I remembered that I built this little Tower of London model about 2 years ago. It's only 3"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H. The little bit of terrain that surrounds the castle has different levels and was open sided, so for appearance sake I enclosed it with black mat board. I don't remember who published it. The model was printed on kind of a jumbo post card, maybe 8.5" x 5.5". I received it as a gift from someone who knew I built card models. Anyway, here's a few pics:




  8. Have you though of scanning them and reducing the scale?

    Also have you got any "Freebees" you would like to share?
  9. I will be test building some models for a designer who will remain anonymous until I am told otherwise. When they (the designers) are satisfied they will be economically priced to target the HO Train community and are very detailed and realistic. Who knows, maybe I can talk them into expanding their subject matter to castles or similar??? Anyway for now keep watching. You will ike what you see.
  10. Tim, check you inbox.
  11. Stev0

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  12. Yeah, Cannon is the obvious place to start. I have scowered the internet and collected over 200 files of various architectural models from easy to hard. But it is a sickness, I never have enough. What if I need one someday :confused:

    I have a display case I am filling up. I converted an old stereo cabinet with a glass fron, put som class shelves in and --Walla! I also built 4 stackable casesout of mahogony and glass. With upwards of 50 models and climbing, I have them everywhere. No sign of a letup either.
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    My big problem is time. I eventually plan on giving some architectural models a go - but I've got so many models to build and so little time to work on them...
  14. Stev0

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    Another interesting avenue would be Sketchup models in reference to Google Earth. Having basic 3D models with image mapped sides and a plan of where they go ... one could build a portion of say Manhattan.
  15. Talk about "space" I can't even imagine how big that model would be::-?::-?:-?
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  17. dcrouton

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    Architectural models are pretty much all I am interested in. Too bad like most paper models they are only found in europe. Wish I could find more models of spain and eastern europe. Let me know if anyone knows any hard to find ones. One of my best is a complete model of the Alhambra of Granada. It sort of looks like a water color but is great.
  18. tino

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    In tha case you should want this:

    Recortables, maquetas y juegos en papel

    I dont know ift they send models to America, but you can ask.

    In this site there are a lot of models of the type that you want.
  19. Remember this story?
    This autistic kid build Manhattan on his own:eek:

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