Need MFG ID for 2024 4-8-0 Steamer, says JAPAN?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TedTrain, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    Hi ALL!
    I have this HO Gauge 4-8-0 Steamer, with the road number 2024. I'de like to know who made this? All it says underneath is JAPAN!? Any ideas?
    Many thanks, Ted


  2. oldline1

    oldline1 New Member


    Looks like a B&O B-24 class.'s a 4-6-0 and not a 4-8-0! I know Sunset imported the B-24 but I don't think the one you have is a Sunset as it looks like an older technology engine. Do you have the tender for it?

  3. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member


    THX for the heads up on my stupidity, ya, it's a 4-6-0.

    I have a bunch of tenders. I just bought a bunch of HO steam engines at a Tag Sale. Al Tenders not attached, I'm trying to firgure out witch tender goes with, witch engine!
    THX again, Ted
  4. toptrain1

    toptrain1 Member

    name the ten wheeler

    I think it's brass not cast. As a brass model it can be made by a number of manufactures. Any one have a old brown book. My old book lists three ten wheelers. One made by KTM for the HO train the rarest. The next listed as a B-18 made for GHC. The last a B-18ca made by Samhongsa in Japan for Sunset. It is listed under remarks as # 2024. This must be the one. A factory painted B&O B-18ca numbered 2024 made in Japan in 1980. That is all the info I have.
    frank toptrain
  5. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    Yep....maybe BRASS!! I took another Pix!

    Hi all again! maybe on the right track! I took another close look...took another Pix. You can see the BRASS sneaking through the corners!
    Thanks!! Ted

  6. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    I took it apart...I beleive it's KTM.

    I took it apart, I have more Pix.
    I think by that Logo, that it's KTM.


  7. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    I don't think that it would be Samhongsa, as they're a Korean manufacturer.

  8. HOseeker

    HOseeker New Member

    Browse through some of the catalogs at the links below. There are many pictures of HO model steam engines with their tenders. You maybe able to match up some of your new fleet. I looked for a picture of this KTM engine but could not find one. Although I did find a picture of a KTM 4-6-0 class g5 which has a different boiler. Gem, Tenshodo, Balboa, International, Pacific Fast Mail

  9. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

  10. toptrain1

    toptrain1 Member


    Wayne : Their listed as a Korean Manf. frank

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