Need LGB Tanker ID? Is it a Esso?

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  1. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    Hi all!
    I have an LGB Tanker Car in box. It doesn't say anything on the ends of the box. I know its a 4040 says it on the decals/stickers. But just what is it? Is it an Esso Tanker and I don't have the decal/stickers? All I have is what's in the Pix. Pix below.
    Many thanks, Ted
  2. Hello,
    I found a link:

    Zillertalbahn Esso tank car.
    This Esso tank car with the product ID LGB 4040E was produced in four different versions. The first two (1971-1978) are the early tank cars with the long tank body, the last two (1979-1993) the ones with the shorter tank.
    This is the fourth version of this product ID.
    LGB changed the product ID numbering system in 1993 to make all numbers five digits with no letters; this car was assigned the product number 40409.
    This tank car is often used to create LGB "forgeries". for example an LGB Circus tank car or an LGB Texaco tankcar of this type which have never existed.


    Perhaps someone removed the "Esso" signs?
    Could You post a photo of the front sides of the box?
    Is there an ordering number or another photo?

    Kind regards
    Markus Schweizer
  3. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    Thanks for all the info. I have posted more pix of the box.
    THX, Ted
  4. Hello another link (in German)

    page 7, lower left:

    "Kesselwagen - Esso LGB Nr. 4040E
    Zweifarbig beschrifted nach Vorbild der "Esso-Mineraloelgesellschaft" "

    "tank waggon ESSO LGB no. 4040E
    dual color printed like the real one from the ESSO mineral oil company."

    So perhaps somebody removed the color from the waggon and also
    removed the markings from the box?
    Can You see damages in the white color?

    Kind regards
    Markus Schweizer
  5. TedTrain

    TedTrain Member

    Hi Markus.
    I just took it out of the box again. It seems to be clear and clean. The white body is smooth, no signs of any ESSO markings or the colors.
    Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello Ted,
    sometimes prints can be removed, with fluids or creams.
    For example:

    -Dowanol PM

    -DLE-90 from "LUX Modellbau" (can be found in germany)

    -Revell ColorEx.

    -brake fluid from (real) cars

    -oven cleaner

    Perhaps somebody removed the signs?

    If You want to try Yourself with another model:
    Some of these also damage the plastic or other materials
    of the models. So check carefully or try at a hidden place.

    Kind regards
    Markus Schweizer

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