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    Ok, I have been the layout that is shown in the pictures. But I'm getting sick of ducking under the table everytime I want to use the layout. You bump the table and well a bunch of cars fall off the track. So I want to change the layout so I don't have to duck under the table. I been trying to think of way to change things and not having much luck.

    So I come to THE Gauge for you ideas. Don't be afraid to ride the layout apart. I don't want to change Section #1 at all, I'm happy with that, but you can change anything else you want. I have enclosed pictures of the full layout with a layout diagram. So please goto it and I'll see what you come up with!!!!

    Look forward to the feedback.

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    One more pictures:

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  3. fsm1000

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    Try a dpgbpne style.
    That is where you have a loop that is pincjed in the middle. It is generally a U shaped layout style.

    I and many others dislike duckunders so you are part of the duckunders anonymous now LOL:)
    Anyhow take out one section and try the U shaped style. I hope that helps:)
  4. rfmicro

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    One solution would be to take section Nr. 3 and make two modules. One would be the main and siding (3A), and the second would contain the single track (3B). Section 3B would be a removable section shaped like a trapazoid. You could then pull out (or push in)section 3B, enter your layout control area and place section 3B back into place. Sections 3A and 4 would have to be modified to accept the re-shaped section 3B. The track rails would have to be gapped, a power connection for the section 3B track power, casters for the section 3B legs and finally slide bolts on both sections to lock the section in place.

    Anyway just food for thought. You didn't indicate any dimensions in your drawing that may not support this solution.

  5. jetrock

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    Personally I'd make a lift-out or swing-out bridge in Section 3. It would mean an extra support leg and some carpentry, but fewer bumps of the head!
  6. MasonJar

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    How much of that room visible in the picture is yours? You could take apart the layout and install it asa "round the walls". You'd have to either create turnback loops at each end, or build a few more modules and a lift or swing gate to allow for continuous running.

  7. Collyn

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    I know some one with a lift out and it works very well. That would be the best option (in my opinion) if you don't want to reconfigure the layout.

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