Need info on RC Airplane I just bought.?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by rollingpeople26, Jul 19, 2007.

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    I just bought an old RC airplane that was actually used as a prop in the department store that I work in. It looks a lot like an old Taylorcraft. The frame was in excelent condition and upon initial inspection I can see the old electronic hookups in the cockpit and you can hear the servos in the wings when you move the elarons. It has no motor but the old gas tank is still there. I bought this for my girlfriends dad for Christmas and want to get it fixed up and flying. My questions stem from what I want to do. The plane has yellow and blue fabric on it now but I want to have it recovered all in red and the numbers of his Taylor craft put on it so that he will have a miniature of his real plane. Am I going to have to get all new fabric or can I just paint it? Also where can I go to find out exactly what it is I bought? What am I going to have to do to get it flying and above all else should I attempt it or just pay a pro to do it? Thanks.
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    Do you have a photo of it?
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    A photo would definitely be a good idea.

    The plane is probably covered with silk and model dope was probably the paint, depending on how old the model is. Removing the covering is a long and tedious job, not sure you would want to tackle it. A repaint would definitely be easier. But the present paint could also be enamel, lacquer or some other unknown and using the wrong one doing the repaint could produce a mess. A latex might work over most of the possible original paints and if the model is just intended to be a display model, the latex should work fine. You should test it though before going all out with the repaint. Incidently, there are latex paints available in an aerosol spray can (named H2O).

    And don't be shy about taking it to a local Hobby Shop (model plane) and asking for advice.

    Send us that photo !

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