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  1. its time to start an new module at the club in o scale, i want it to be an industry serviced by rail, any idea's? any pics of whats on your layout? what all industry use tanker cars?
  2. Nomad

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    How about DR Wayne's Gern Industries?

    Lots of information and photos. And Dr Wayne has billboards and such that you can use.

  3. Mountain Man

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    Any industry that uses bulk chemicals; that would range from chemicals and solvents used to clean metals to the acid used in manufacturing batteries.

    Food industries use tankers to haul in corn syrup, a very common sweetening agent present in a lot of foods.

    Your best bet is to look at the industries present in your immediate area, and see what their bulk raw materials intake consists of.
  4. hmm, i had a thought, maybe a meat packing plant, then i can use livestock cars to bring in live cows or pigs, and refer cars to ship the end product out in. i wonder what kits are out there in o scale for this, or at least what ones i could kit bash into one.

    i can also have semi's coming in with stock trailers and going out with refer trailers as well.
  5. Nomad

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    Sorry, your first post mentions tanker cars. That is what I was going by.


  6. i did/do wanted to use tanker cars,, but i came up with the meat packing plant as an after thought when mountain man replied and said to look at industries in my area.
  7. if anyone has other idea's let me know, im still debating.

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