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    I'm building a large office building with windows, I want to add images to the inside of the windows, scenes, people, etc. Is there a site that I could possibly find good window images on?

    Hope this makes sense.

  2. Rusty Stumps

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    Hi Tyler,

    I'm not sure there is a dedicated site for the photos your looking for but there are a number of places you might look to get photos that could be modified (Sized, cropped, etc.).

    There are "stock photo" agencies that have business photos that would show people in office buildings.

    Also I'd check office furniture manufactures and sales companies as they would show their products in the types of setting that might work for you.

    Just a few ideas. Have fun and post some pictures when your done.
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    Hey Rusty, that beats my idea of peeking into windows and snapping pictures while nobody is looking... That got me in trouble last time... ("No really officer, it's for my train layout--What? Oh, yeah, I got a sorority house on my layout..."):p

    Hey Tyler, don't forget to look in magazines. That is where I get all my "freebie" material. Just look at each picture without concentrating on the subject image. You'd be amazed at what you notice in the background. I got a great set of images of a coffee house from a travel magazine which showed a couple biking through Europe. Behind them, is a great plaza scene with a coffee shop/bistro, an antique shop, etc...
    I did find that there is a problem if light passes through the paper if you use the original. I just scan the add and reprint the parts I want on an inkjet, then I can "backlight" the image with a dim light and some diffusion gel to give it the appearance of having lights in the shop...

    Hope this helps,
    Tom F

    TYLER_DURDEN New Member


    Great ideas, thanks alot!!!

    I'll definitly post some photos as it progresses. Just starting with my first town!!! Exciting!!!

  5. spitfire

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    For stock photos try this link:

    They're my first choice when I need a stock image since they carry almost every other stock image all on the one site.

    For those who don't know what "stock images" are, they are used in the graphics biz when there isn't enough money in the budget to hire a real photographer. They have catalogs of pre-existing photos with a definite business bias - lots of scenes of people meeting, yapping on cellphones, shaking hands etc.

    Technically, these photos are not free. You are permitted to download small low-rez pics for use in layouts (meaning a design layout shown to a client to sell them on the idea). If you decide to use the photo in the final printed piece, then you pay for a hi-rez file.

    However, since we modellers are never going to use the images for anything more than our personal use, inside buildings etc. there should be no problem with copyright.

    If you print these out on transparent stock, you can use them as windows in your structures. Voila! Instant interior detailing!

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  7. Drew Toner

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    Google Searching


    I typed "people in diners", and it came back with 198 shots, in 0.34 secs!!!

    Try it, you'll like it!


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