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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by sds888, Jul 31, 2005.

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    I have been reading this forum all day thank you everyone for the materials they have been posted. So I had to join and throw out some questions myself. My father passed away 13 years ago and my stepmother ranoff with his stuff. I now have recently obtained his HO railroad stuff. He was a modler but also loved working on an actual railraod whenever he could. I have just inventoryed 7 trunks and about 15 boxes of things. I just finished with the frieght and passenger cars and there was 196. so i have a good start. When I was young he had gotten rid of his big layout and had built me 4X8 layout that moved around with us. Of course if I knew what I knew now I would have spent a lot more time with him getting him to show me how but I didnt and I dont really know where to begin. During those years that he was a live he was always planing a huge layout for when he retired. I always helped with the planning but nothing else. I have basic plan for a 11' by 19' room. I would like to do a town/ dock on one end of the layout and a mountian/ logging operation on the other. Is there any basic book or video that will help me get started? I am planning on giong DCC. Is there any paticular unit I should be looking at? How hard is it an cost worthy is it to switch old locos to dcc or should i buy new ones? Thanks
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    Welcome to the Gauge sds888. You are sure fortunate to get all of that equipment even though it only came as a result of your fathers passing.
    I suggest you pick up a copy of Model Railroader or one of the other model railroad mags at your local hobby shop or newstand. There are always ads for video tapes and how to books. As far as DCC goes, how many locos do you think you might be operating at any given time. That should then give you an idea of the DCC system you will need.
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    My design calls for one to be carring wood from the logging operation to the main line. One going from there to the sawmill. then one going from the sawmill to the town/ port. One maybe running a small passenger train everyonce in awhile. And may add a hidden yard years down the road. Once I figure out how to put my basic design on the web site I will post it for ideas. It doest follow any real railroad or company but it compines my old planning dreams with my father's and granfathers. Now if I gcould just get them to work together that would be a whole another story. My great great great granfather own a railroad and logging operation in Fechtig, SC so I want to incorperate that into the logging operation. I just wish there was someone railroad close that I could go and look at because I have only really seen just the planning stages. I will go tomorrow and pick up one of those Magazines. Thanks
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    Welcome to The Gauge, Stephen. Having lost my father's trains when he died, I'm glad for you that you were able to get your father's trains. An 11x19 layout is quite an undertaking, there are a great meny books out there on trackplanning To help you out. One of the leaders in this was John Armstrong, I highly reccomend any of his books on it.

    As for DCC, that's a tough one. Many of your older locos could probably be converted but the question would be whether it would be worth it on some of them. Athearns are easy conversions. I did an older Rivarossi steamer to prove it could be done but it is no match to the newer IHC and Broadway Limited releases. I have a Bowser K4 I'm still going to convert as the mounting of the motor lends itself easily to isolating it from the frame---the key problem to solve in any conversion. Truth be told, I've got a move coming up and, while I plan to keep some of my locos DCC ready for club layout use, I'm pulling it out of others and building my next (final :rolleyes: ) layout DC. After 30+ years in the hobby, I just enjoy runnin' the little boogers 'round and 'round in well built and detailed scenery. Sidings, yards, intricate trackwork and such just add to the thrill. My advice to you would be to look for what you enjoy about the hobby and follow that thru, whether it be with DCC or not.
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    thanks for the help on the DCC. is there any book that takes someone that knows nothing about wirring through the process of wirring a layout for DCC? I have put my first rough draft of my layout on the layout portion of the website I would apprieate any help any one can give me on my design.
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    New railroad

    I've just re did my block system with DCC. Start with DCC but You may want to block your yards to keep old non DCC locos on a siding. The new DCC locos are fantastic and once you've tried them you'll find it difficult to go back to the old stuff. If you kike detail work there are tons of detailing materials at Walthers for your rolling stock. Get their catalogue. Have fun

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