Need help with two things!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by its id, Jan 19, 2006.

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    For those of you who dont remember me I am I_LuV_AliyA_Aslam or w/e. I got tired of typing the name so i changed names.

    My layout is looking great but I can't post pics without a camera. However, I need help with two things:

    1. Where can i get Decal Paper. wet or dry for costom letttering?

    2. While I was at the world's greatest hooby on tour I saw a LED lighted police car. I'm not so good with electric stuff, though i have wired basic AC stuff. The police car i saw blinked 1 set of red and blue on each side. Really convincing of a real police vehicle. Does anyone know what materials I would need for this and tell me how i would wire it. (if there are any special conditions i must look out for.

    thanx :)
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    answer to #2 - red/blue leds

    hello id: the police car i can help you with, with a slight modification. if you research ebay under LEDs, there will be 3mm leds. i have purchase roughly 10 of them for about $6, this was about 3 months ago. the beauty of the leds i mention, they are red one second, blue the next, and so on. they are a beauty. no electronics necessary, cept for the current limiting resistor needed. these leds rule for the application you request.
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    If you need blank decal paper to do your own lettering, try Champ or Microscale. Champ is no longer producing decals, but they advertise a large inventory still on hand. If you're looking for custom lettering, the company that does the work will supply the material. There are several custom decal manufacturers advertising in the hobby magazines. While there may be others, I've had custom dry transfers done by C-D-S, three different runs. Prices vary, depending on what you require.

  4. green_elite_cab

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    1.You can buy blank Decal paper and print your own decals on your printer. I don't know what kind of quality you'd get though

    2. chances are you can get a police car just like that one already prewired, or in a kit that tells you how to do that stuff. I'll look into it and see if anything turns up
  5. its id

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    thank you all
  6. eightyeightfan1

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    If you want to print your own decal, Vita-Cal and Testors make clear and white blank decal sheets. You can use them in your inkjet printer.Walthers and Micro-Scale make decal paper but ist made for silk-screening.
    As far as the police car with working lights, you might have seen the Busch model(Walthers Catalog #189-5621). They also have fire trucks with working strobes, and cars with working headlights.

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