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  1. hello everyone, i originally posted this in the HO railroad section, but i thought i would try here. the bench work is open grid and measures 10'2" x 16'. it is a shelf style and the shelves are 2' wide. i wanted to use the free form style for my sub road bed if possible, it's open for opinions. the type of equipment im useing is 4 & 6 axle GP's and SD's, not the new ones but the old ones such as GP18's 30 35, asd SD7's & 9's. my era is around when the last steam engines were retired. my location is the Appalachin Mountains of West Virginia and Western Maryland. my favorite roads are the B&O, C&O, WM. the theme for my layout would probably be coal mining and steel as well as mixed freight, and dry bulk.the industries i have as of now are: golden valley canning - O.L King & sons coal yard - walthers 90' TT - Walthers 3 stall round house - 3 stall service garage - Walthers coaling tower - disel service facility consisting of a (2) sanding towers, drying house, -3 bay coal mine - as well as a couple of small industries. the TT & round house arent a sure thing, as i dont have any steamers yet, so its not a big concern yet. i would like a through yard with a team track and also a seperate piece of track for programming my loco's. i would really like to have one track crossing over another one if possible with the room i have. as far as how many lines i want, well, i would like a double main or even a tripple, with a single branch line comeing off of it and crossing over the mains. i plan on sceniceing with lots of rolling hills and steep, rocky cliffs along the lines. i am useing NCE DCC to control my layout and i have already made preperations for the wireing of signals and turnouts and such. as far as the radius of my curves, i measured and i can accomodate up to a 36" radius, but im not sure if i would need that big or not so thats open for suggestions also. i guess the type of layout operations i would like to have are continious running with switching and sideings. i also want to concentrate on beautiful scenery. i know im asking a lot, but i was wondering if someone with my information could help me get started on a track plan? i can picture it in my head, but thats as far as i can get with it. i would also be willing to pay someone a small fee to help me, at this point im really desperate to get something started. i will include a drawing of my bench work at the bottom of this post also. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, or would like to download my bench work picture and see what they can come up with, i would really appreciate it. if there is something i forgot to include in my layout needs, please let me know as i will be monitoring this thread closely. many thanks to all!

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    I posted a reply on the ho forum, but I just thought of something else. I think most of the Appalachian coal haulers waited ten or fifteen years after everyone else had dieselized to switch over. The reason was that the railroads main customers were coal mines, steam engines run on coal, diesels have to run on petroleum. The point of all of this, is that you could not reasonably run say a GP30 with steam on the Santa Fe. It is no problem on the Southern, or Norfolk & Western, C & O, or Western Maryland.
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    The C&O retired most of its steamers by 1958.The N&W by 1959..Now the C&O avoid 6 axle units except for Alco RSD5s,RSD12s,and RSD7s.EMD SD18s,and E7/8s.BLW AS616s and DRS6-6-15s until 1964 when the C&O started buying SD35s.Now the C&O was a big user of Geep units and did not have all that many 6 axles units.Here is the C&O roster.
    As you can see the 4 axle units out numbered the 6 axle units..The C&O did not own any SD7 or 9s..However the B&O did.
    Not to be nit picking but submitted for general knowledge for those that may not know..You will get to the Allegheny Mountains in WVa before you do the Appalachians..

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    Hi Steve,

    I am not sure that I haven't given you this link before (maybe at the MRR forum), but here it is anyway... Hamer/Hamer.htm

    It is Mike Hamer's Boston & Maine, as featured in MRP 2001 and GMR 2004. While the locale is not the same, he has some great ideas in terms of staging ("surround" staging), and creating scenes in a small(er) space. Some of his landscaping and tree making ideas will probably be of some use to you.

  5. im sorry guys, i meant the Allegheny mountains in the first post. thanks for pointing that out to me! anyways, does anyone have any neat track plans in mind for the space i have availiable? thanks!:)
  6. ooops! sorry, my screen froze, didnt know i double posted!
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    Hi Steve, I also posted a reply on the HO thread. Maybe our wonderful moderators could be convinced to combine the two. This most likely would be the proper forum.

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