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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by SmolderZ, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. SmolderZ

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    Hello fellow model railroaders.

    I'm planning the 2 prime modules and I need a little criticism and comments. I'm pretty satisfied with the plan as it is now.
    I've been using this site as a guideline:

    This is the totall view of the 2 modules (RIP = repair in place):

    In this view I cut the main line to make the Arival/Departure tracks more clear:

    If all the red tracks are occupied with cars then a switcher can still move them to the yard.

    Is this design OK?, or are the movements which the switcher has to undertake not correct?

    I would still need to add a ready track for the switcher. Any advice on that?
  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I like your plan. Even with a yard as full as indicated by the red lines you still have two tracks that seem to be useful as yard leads at the bottom right of the plan and I see a way for a switcher to run around the full ladder tracks to get around the curve that surrounds the round house to reach the ladder tracks at the top of the plan. Access to the engine tracks looks clear.
    I don't see many yard plans that include rip tracks and a caboose track as well. Very nice! As for a ready track for the switcher would you settle for having it sit on one of the two approaches to the turntable? If not, then it appears you have room for one more spur just to the right of the turntable approach below the BigBoy holding tracks. Neat plan! Keep us up to date!
    By the way, get that switching crew busy. A yard that full means work to do! :D
  3. TR-Flyer

    TR-Flyer Member

    Where will you keep the maintenance train? Crane etc.?
  4. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    Thanks for the input guys!

    I made a new design:

    Good one Ralphe, the extra track was intended for holding a locomotive(s) which are waiting to get on the yard if the turntable is occupied. But I can see an additional function now as Ready Track for a switcher that comes of the engine tracks.

    TR-Flyer, I added Ready Tracks at the bottom of the second table. (RD) These should be able to hold a switcher, locomotives, maintenance train, crane train, etc.

    And I'm terribly in love witch switching, so I made my layout as switchable as possible :D

    Now you can see what the square buildings mean :), Didn't I add to much switch towers?
    The RD tracks I added are ok don't you think?

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