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    I need some help with the trackplan for one area of my layout:

    I have 2 (connected) modular sections each 43" long x 17" wide that run across a set of closet doors to a hinged section by the door. I had thought of putting a Yuengling brewery and small engine yard on one side and an Alcoa plant on the other, but I am not that satisfied with the plan, rather bland and not sure its what I want. I am going to attach a photo of my trackplan, hopefully it comes out.

    Once I see how it comes out I'll reply to my own post to include more info.

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    O.k. start with an explanation of the layout.

    In the upper right a hinged section that drops down to connect to the 1st 43 x 17 modular is noted by a dotted outline. There are two tracks ready to enter the modular section, already soldered to brass screws. The mainline is already drawn all the way across the modular sections, throughout the middle section of the mainline on the modular section it is a bridge.
    Moving south and off the hinged section curve is one track branching off to "nowhere," with a "closed" passenger station and a moving company there, and then the track goes to a single line that runs behind a large bookshelf emerging on the other side as the Philadelphia highline running above and behind the Port of Philadelphia yard (all the tracks on the lower right)

    On the bottom is the approach to the highline, the entrance to the Philly Port yard, and the Pier 78 industrial track. The double track turns at the left wall in the diagram, runs up that wall, (above a couch/futon) over a river, through a tunnel and then onto the "2nd" of the modular sections.

    I need some ideas of what to lay on those modular sections. The layout represents modern eastern Pennsylvania, CP, NS, RBMN, and CSX but I'm not overly focused on accurate businesses, just something interesting and fun. Any ideas are more than welcome!

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