Need Help - Prodigy DCC System Acting Squirrely!

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by TomJacobs, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. TomJacobs

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    Hello all, need some help with DCC. We are running the original Prodigy DCC system from MRC on a mid-size HO industrial switching layout. To allow for walkaround operation, we did our own wiring of connector boxes with Cat5 cable, so that we could plug the throttles in at various locations around the layout. The system is working fine with locomotives running individually, we can run 3 locos simultaneously on three separate throttles with no problems.

    The problem is that consisting has started acting squirrely. We can consist without problem when the throttles are hooked directly to the Prodigy box - when we plug in to the junction boxes we've constructed, we cannot get a consist. For some reason, the system won't pick up the first loco in the consist, and the second loco we pick up will either push or pull the first one around.

    We have checked all the wiring on the system, and all the connections look good. Does any one out there have any insight on this? Is this a question of insufficient power from the power supply - should we consider a bigger power supply? What's the maximum length of CAT5 cable that the signal can be pushed through before the signal starts to degrade?

    Any assistance is much appreciated!

    Tom Jacobs
  2. UP SD40-2

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    Tom:wave:, i had the first "prodigy" system years ago;). i am sorry to say i never had that problem, so i am not sure what is causing it:oops:. HOWEVER, if no one else on here is able to help you, i have dealt with MRC's tech support, they were VERY HELPFUL with my questions after i upgraded to Prodigy Advance:D, and am sure they would know how to solve your problem:thumb:. :D -Deano
  3. NYNH&H

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    it sounds like you are not using the MRC walkaround panels. Check to make sure no pins are revsersed. I would recommend using manufacturer- recommended cab bus panels, so you are guaranteed compatibility.
  4. radar

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    I heard somewhere else that it does'nt have enough power to write to the decoder at long wire distances try useing program track .LOL

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