need help/pictures-or to chat with anyone near Point Magu!

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by scudbusted, Nov 22, 2005.

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    HI! I 'think' there was some or at least one person on this forum who worked out at Point Magu? I need picture/s or something about how the upper part of the intake scoop meets the body, on te J-65 powered Regulus-2 . I saw a picture of one on display at Point Magu, and I 'think' that's probably the only one left in existence?
    If anyone can help- please shoot me a mail?
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    I lived/worked at Point Mugu, but I'm in college in Texas now.

    The Regulus II was in the missile display which is outside the base fence, so if there's anybody in the LA to Santa Barbara area who wants to drive down to point Mugu, you can just drive up, park nearby, and take pictures of the missiles.

    Al Hazlet
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    I live in Santa Barbara, but haven't been to the base in years... Don't know if I can get down there during the holidays coming up. I'll see if I can grab my girlfriend and make a day trip of it sometime. ;)

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    Checking my Yahoo Maps, the missile display was right off Highway 1 at the Wood Road overpass, on the west side of the freeway. Going south down 1 you'll pass the Channel Islands Air National guard station and Wood road is the next overpass.

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    Howdy Angevine,

    I just wanted to let you know that the free download you found was one of Scudbusted's (Eric's) designs lol. I have buit them and they look great, I even enlarged one to 1:48 scale (about 22 inches long) . Please find below a photo of the "enlarged" paper model of the Regulus II by Scudbusted (Eric).

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    Thank you all for helping:)

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