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  1. Hello everyone, i dont know how to draw a diagram of my track plan, but im hopeing that these pictures will work. I have a reverseing section here somewhere, but im not 100% sure where. The main line runs the outside radius of the benchwork, then there is a cross over from each side back to the front of the layout, i think that is where im getting a reverse section from. All my turnouts are Peco insulfrog, and some electra frog. The electra frog turnouts have been insulated and i have a MRC AD520 auto reverse unit to use, but im not sure where to locate it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!:wave:

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  2. Heres a couple more.....

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  3. Hello, i think this may be the problem, this cross over is what ties everything back together. This crossover is located in the front of the layout where you see the ware house flats. It connects the main back into the two sideings that cross over from each side. Can someone recomend a way to wire this? Thanks!:cry:

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    Steve: DC or DCC? Either way. you need a reversing section, prferably over a train length. You might start it in the middle of the crossover and run it to where it hooks up with the mainline going the other way, including a bunch of sidings if you have to.
    For DCC, bung in a reversing module black boc.
    For DC, you need to have 2 reversing switches per controller. Is you layout blocked? Cab control? This will make a difference to the approach. Mainly, you have one reversing switch for the mainline and one for the reversing section. While the train is in the R.S. you change the direction of the main line.

    I was also wondering about the line in the second picture that comes around from in front of the pink foam. (Is this the same section?)

    Edit: I see this is in the DCC forum. Duh! Is this the layout you diagrammed in the other thread?
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    The crossover needs insulated rail joiner after the turnout on each end of the siding. Install the poer feed from your autoreverser midway in between. I would solder any rail joins between there and the insulated rail joiners. Tweet.

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