Need help identifying this TIE Fighter

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Millenniumfalsehood, May 31, 2008.

  1. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Hey, I was digging around in my closet and came across an old box full of paper model projects I never finished. One of them is a TIE Fighter I downloaded somewhere but I can't remember where. Worse yet, it's Russian so I can't read the text. Any help is appreciated. It looks like it would build up into a nice TIE Fighter model with a little TLC. It has a full cockpit included.

  2. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

  3. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    That is the correct one. It is actually a nice model, and if I recall, there was a AT-AT walker done by the same designers. I was working on a resized one some time ago, but had to abandon it for real life pursuits
  4. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    m.f. i got a link from the wayback machine which you can download the tie fighter,at at harry potter and t-70 tank and sopwith triplane
    heres the link guys enjoy :)

  5. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    the instructions for the tie fighter are at the end of the pdf a page of good photos to work from if a site is down check the wayback machine it sometime(most of the time )has pages stored with the downloads still working on it :)
  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Good call Colonel ... just got myself the TIe and AT AT. The Tie does look like a nice model, even if the cockpit isn't accurate :thumb:
  7. sherban

    sherban Member

    This wayback machine... a very useful thing.
    Thanks col. Kurtz
  8. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Yeah, thanks guys, I really appreciate it! :D I'll have to build this up sometime, after I'm done with a couple of other projects.
  9. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    no problem guys:thumb: the wayback machine has been really handy for me :thumb:glad to be able to help:thumb::thumb:
  10. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Huh, I tried the download for the TIE Fighter and the AT-AT, but both of them come up as corrupted when I open them with WinRAR. :confused:
  11. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Thats exactly what happened to me when I did it. Is there some addon you need with Winzip to read these?
  12. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Same issue here. I would love to get a hold of these!
  13. same happened to me. Files no good.

  14. imcold

    imcold Member

    Hi guys, I've downloaded this model back in the days when the page was still available. I uploaded the model here. I think I have the AT-AT in my archive too, so if you want it, I can upload that one too, just let me know. Here are some photos of it (I resized it to 1:66, so it's a bit smaller than it should be)

    edit: it's solved in this thread too:
  15. Simmo

    Simmo An Older Junior Member

    I use winace and ...yes it says they are corrupted, but then it can still unzip the pdf and it opens fine. If I recall, I may have used the wayback machine to download them as well.
  16. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Col. Kutz, well done!:thumb:

    I forgot about the wayback machine for this, even though I've used it before.

    I downloaded all these kits, no problems.

    I used Firefox to download, WinRar to extract and Foxit reader to view the pdfs. (Foxit reader has less problems with foreign fonts.)

    If anyone still has a download problem, pm me and I'll email to you.

  17. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    LOgicman ... I had no problem downloading ht ekits, but big problems trying to open the AT AT. It refused to open! Have you actually opened the archives successfully?
  18. logicman

    logicman Greybeard


    It's an old problem - if the download stream hiccups, you get corruption. Firefox does a great job of reducing this problem. Just right click and 'save as' rather than left click.

    Also, if win$ or acrobatty doesn't have the iso files for the specific language, the file can refuse to open, or can appear corrupt - that's why I use Foxit reader.
  19. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    English Instructions

    Hi All,
    I have downloaded the file and printed it out on plain bond paper just to check it out so far.

    I have a friend at work who speaks Russian (not realizing that the instructions are actually Ukrainian) and asked if he could interpret them for me. After a quick chuckle at my ignorance, he said he has some Ukranian friends that could do the interpretation.

    This will take a little time but I can offer a translation when I get it.

    Best Regards,
  20. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I got DaFox and it didn't open for me, but I never thought to try "Save Target As." I usually just open it and save it within the program.

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