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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by NScale, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. NScale

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    I've scratch built two N scale houses. Went today to my local hobby shop to look for some asphalt shingles, but no luck finding anything that looked good. Can someone help me on a good way to make some or lead me to where I can find info. on how to make asphalt shingles.

  2. Arlaghan

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    I'm not entirely sure what "asphalt shingles" are, but if it's like asphalt street, then do what I did: Take a fine grit sandpaper, and paint it black! Then lightly dry brush some gray on it. Real easy to do and looks really cool. I did this for my gas station building.
  3. NScale

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    This is asphalt shingles.

    Thanks for the help. I think your idea will help me great.
  4. Arlaghan

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    Hmmm, in that case, here's what you need to do:

    Take some construction paper (or a brown paper bag) and cut out strips twice as thick as you want your exposed shingles to be long.

    In other words... if you want 3/16" shingles, then cut your strips 3/8" wide.

    Then, use scissors or a knife and cut tabs into the strips half way across. You should end up with like a "comb".

    Using a glue stick (cheap at Wal-mart or Office Depot - look like lipstick) and start at the base of the roof, glue your strip. Start the next strip 3/16" higher, so that it covers half of the strip below it. It helps to draw lines on your roof every 3/16" before you start. Make sure you stagger your strips so that you get the neat "brick" pattern. It's ok if it overhangs the edges... just cut the excess off when you are completely done. Then, take another strip that DOESNT have tabs cut into it, and fold it down the center... use this to cap the roof top.

    It will be something like this:

    (3/16" is just an arbitrary size I chose... you would use whatever is appropriate to your building.)

    Hope this helps!
  5. NScale

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    Oh yes beautiful! Just what I want. :thumb:
    Thanks alot! :D
  6. Arlaghan

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    Glad I could help!

    Oh, forgot to mention: Don't forget to paint it when your done! It's easy to do if the paper you used has some thickness to it. I just paint it a base color, then dry brush it with white to make the edges stand out. (And add a little weathering.)

    A tip: If you have the patience (and the eyesight!) I recommend leaving a sliver of a gap between the "Tabs". Otherwise, they might disappear when you paint them. Nothing that a sharp X-acto knife can't fix though.
  7. NScale

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    eyesight???????? hmmmmmm, Not what it used to be. ;):)


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