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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Erik J, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Hi gang!
    I have been invited to do a card model presentation at the local plastic club next week, which has surprisingly begun building card models! One guy will beta-build my 1:33 DFS-230 design. Some of them have been stung by purchase of scanned kits for sale on eBay, so I want to steer them onto this forum {ahem], sites for decent free kits, and retailers. My stack of Maly, Halinski, JSC, and others will keep me building into the next century, so I haven't been sending for kits lately, thus my links list is worthless. My list for free downloads is ok, but go ahead and post links, as everyone will benefit.

    So, please provide some links to retailers and help me complete their translation from the dark side...

    - Erik
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    Thanks snark :)

    On a side note I will provide some freebies of some commercial kits for you to give as handouts.
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    Digital Navy

    Don't forget digital navy for impressive ships, including some great free ones.

    I know you asked for commercial kits, and if memory serves Fabrizio Prudenziati ( formerly sold his kits but with weak sales he has switched to "by donation". There are many commercial quality kits available for free, or very inexpensively.

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    Thanks for the Prudenziati tip- I didn't know he went to 'donations'. For commercial sites, I want them to have access to the super kits, like Halinski and the current Maly Modelarz, among others.

    - Erik


    don't forget
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    C'mon guys, You are getting these Halinski kits from somewhere! I got mine from a Canada business that disappeared. I KNOW they are still available!

    - Erik
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    Not sure but this guy might have some. I saw this over at papermodelers, I don't know much about the site, they use PayPal.
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    It's the shipping that kills you. Some stateside people/resellers buy large quantities and sell them at reasonable prices, but your selection is limited of course. I don't know why these companies invest nothing in selling their product in the U.S.. They demand you buy huge quantities before they give any kind of price break. In a way, it has stimulated local design and innovation. Oh well! :)


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    THANKS ARMORMAN!! You come through, again and again. Very much appreciated. Your broad knowledge (not women!) really is an asset, a broad asset, hehehehe.:p:twisted:
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    card models at the IPMS club meeting report

    I took a box of simple models and partially assembled models as well as a stack of Maly Modelarz, Halinski and other kits. Thanks to the input here, I printed off a list of sites for free and pay downloads to hand out. The list goes up on their website, too.

    Interest perked up when I noted that card model skills apply to vacu-form kit construction.

    The GPM B-17 [unbuilt] created a lot of questions, like 'do you build it on a foam core?'

    One guy was desperate for the Australian Cerebus, so I steered him to the Hathaway Shipwrights site. I also offered to look over his shoulder while sipping a beer advising him while he builds. It might even take another beer or two, which is the cost of modelling, I'd say. I may force him to provide Australian beer...

    I should have brought a quality completed kit or two, which I will do for the next meeting. I will also print off some handout kits from my zillions of downloads.

    The several guys already building card models were strangely silent.

    With a plastic modeller I will also do a 1:50 Avia S-199 and B-25C [in Doolittle scheme] that will be matched with plastic kits painted in identical schemes. That will be an interesting comparison.

    - Erik


    some one either here or over at PM did a plastic to paper comparison some time ago (I think it was an ME 109 or 262).
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    My intent is to do this at the next plastic meeting - card and plastic side by side. It finally occurred to me that a completed model is the best advertisement.

    - Erik


    I just spoke with Mark Baird, the new owner of PMI, and he's waiting for your orders, ladys.

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