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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by who_dat73, Apr 6, 2007.

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    Ok I tryed to post this on a couple of photo forums but I must not be in theyr leage since I am just learning and no one could or would help!!
    I should have posted it here to begin with but anyway
    I have a cannon eos rebel T2 35 mm I bought a opteka FL60AF-c Speed Blitzflash on ebay and when I put it on nuttin happens evin in a totaly dark room anybody know do I have to do somthing to program the cam to recognize the flash or is it just that the cam isnt giving the flash the right signal??
    Any ideas??
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  3. N Gauger

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    on the above page about the flash is:

    Flash Ready Indication - An indicator in the camera's viewfinder illuminates when the Opteka FL60AF-C is fully charged and ready to use.


    Auto detects and operates with the Canon TTL feature on EOS film SLR cameras.

    Do you have the TTL feature turned on?????
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    Ok Somone that knows somthing about whats goin on thanks N I tryed sending opteka but returned undelivered :curse: and 47th street photo wont returne my email :curse:
    First yes the batts are in it will charge the red ready/ test light comes on and if I press it it will flash "off the camera" when it is on the camera I hit the shutter button to af and on the flash there is a red light on the front that will come on to help focas or whatever (rember I am still very new to this):oops: but when I go to snap the picture no flash but it takes a sec to run the shutter I assuming that is a long exposure time?? but after it runs the exposure then the green auto ok light comes on?
    Now what was that about ttl or somthing like that how do I tell it to do that?
    I bought the camera from a member of the club but he lives a ways away so he dont make it ever week and dont think he used a flash when railfanning anywase so......
    But again I thank you N gager I just wish they had photo classes in the community ed courses here in town not just digital but in the mean time liberary here I come and read read read.....
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    This is just a stab in the dark, :rolleyes: but on my camera, pressing the button for the shutter the first time allows the camera to auto-focus; the second press of the button takes the picture.
    I'm not sure what you're trying to photograph, but for most shots of model trains, you'll get a better picture by not using the flash. There should be a way to let the camera adjust itself for both the type and amount of the light that's available. Try pressing the shutter once, then when the green light comes on, press it again.


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