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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by paul1439, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. paul1439

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    I am about to set up my G gauge layout. I will be putting my oval layout around my billard room ceiling approx. 8 ft. from the floor. I will be using 72 ft. of track. I will be using Bridgewerks Magnum 10-S controller. I will also use 10 gauge wire. What type of track should I use? Also should I run wire to several areas of the track from the controller? If so, how do I do that? How much wiring do I need? This is my first layout. My room size is 14' x 22' and my ceiling height is 10 ft. Thank you
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    you'll only need one set of power wires to the track. I have one set for each of two loops of over 300 feet each outdoors. The #10 wire and the size of the rails in this scale makes multiple feeders unneeded.

    Brass track is the cheapest and most available. USA, Aristo and LGB offer it. LGB is highest price. AMS is now offering 250 code Brass at a price sure to compete with USA and Aristo's code 332 track.

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    What do you think about nickel track?
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    Have never used it in this scale. With the metal wheels we use and the weight of the cars and locos there is some question as to how long that plating will last. At the height your track is going to be no one will see it to appreciate it.

    I am using brass on my overhead line. 110 feet around a 24 X36 upper floor over a garage. It was used track pulled from a portion of the outdoor layout. I cleaned the railtops after I had it all installed and it works just fine. If you are using locos with sliders it may never need cleaning again. The old HO trick of some Wahl's oil or smoke fliud on the track works here too.

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    Some interesting info can be found at my local G-scale club web site:

    They have removed the track power from the equation entirely, by running with remote control and on-board rechargable batteries. Check the site for more...

    And Welcome to The Gauge guys!

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