Need Advice : Kato and Tomix fans

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by eleewhm, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. eleewhm

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    am starting a new Ngauge Layout..and looking at the starter set by Kato10-001Kato Starter Set Special Shinkansen Bullet Train Series 700 "Nozomi" 4-Car Set, Powered, with track and power pack for Japan

    can it fit the Train Station by Tomix ???.. i mean the tracks from Kato..fitting on the trainstaton lines...

    TOMIX 91077

  2. nscale2006

    nscale2006 New Member

    Probably not much help here except for the fact that I run Kato, Tomix and Micro Ace Japanese loco's, all wonderful runners at all speeds, quiet and lovely detail, good luck with your search, you could try.

    Plenty of sets to choose from.
  3. eleewhm

    eleewhm Member can i say that kato trains can run on tomix tracks..and vice versa??
  4. nscale2006

    nscale2006 New Member

    I cant realy see any problem with that, all track on my layout is Peco Code 80, can run just about anything on it, may be a good idea to drop an email to Kato, they will be able to tell you for certain, here's the link.
  5. nscale2006

    nscale2006 New Member

  6. eleewhm

    eleewhm Member

    thanks for the links......i was just wondering also ..can Kato train run on tomix tracks and vice versa?

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