need a small logging plan please

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by bigsteel, Sep 4, 2007.

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    glad you like'em MM,i hope you get some good use outta this technique!

    anyway,i ran all my feeders and am now ready to lay track (just need to have it GET here though :mrgreen:) its micro engineering C83 track.and i have a question,should i take out a few ties to make it look more rural and number 2 :will atlas turnouts be sufficient for this DC layout? there cheap enough i just need to know if they'll hold up.thanks.--josh
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    wow! Haven't been here for a while; career/fam/etc. had to come first. Looking good. I'm getting ready to start planning out what I'm going to do. Just finished a trip to coos bay Or... got the itch to start!

    P.s. are there other forums that ppl hang out on regularly, that I can get feedback on for layout planning? I remember someone stating that this has its ups and downs with re: to membership/reading.
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    Why not have the engine to "tip toe" through the creek?
    Logging railroads did last for years..When the timber was "worked out" it was time to move to the next "fall area"..So,everything including the mill was moved.
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    You might use roadbed to make your track work smoother for better operation, but I'm not sure logging roads ever used ballast. The track was generally put down asap to get to the trees and then pulled up and moved elsewhere just as quickly when an area was logged out.
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    If I may suggest something - one way to do this is to ballast the rails as lightly as possible and use "local dirt or rock", i.e., what's native to your layout, since these rails were meant to be laid quickly, cheaply and just well enough to handle the necessary traffic until it was time to pull it up and re-lay it. Unless they absolutely had to, it is unlikely that many of the logging outfits would have hauled in ballast. They most likely would have used whatever was lying around handy at the time.

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