Nebula-Class: Phoenix + Sutherland

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by D-WHALE, May 21, 2008.

  1. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    hi guys!
    here are my new project: the Nebula-class!

    the idea was to make a Phoenix-conversion-kit for Edwards Sutherland! but the Sutherland was no more available ->

    why not make a new? no problem! the project was born!!!

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  2. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    and here are the first pics of the final result! (I´m work yet on this model!)

    this is the sensordom of the Sutherland! what you can see has over 60(!) parts; the smallest is 1x2 mm:cool:

    the complete model has more than 20 pages:twisted: and a length of over 40 cm!!!
    and of course in scale 1/1700:mrgreen:

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  3. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Looks very nice! I love the layered detail!

    One thing I noticed though was the texturing. I can see whrere you used some colour 2D plan views of the ship or something for texturing. Like the nacelles still appear on the under saucer. Will that be cleaned up and removed?

    Just curious. ;)

    I think the design itself looks very clean! Well done! :D
  4. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    thanks man! the model is only pre-textured with metaseq! for retexturing and remove the phototexture i use Corel Photopaint X3! I draw the lines and fill the ranges then with color!

    1.pic: old Metaseq-texture! (on the right side you can see the object layers)
    2.pic: new Corel Photopaint (CPP)-texture
    3.pic: CPP-texture without the lines and windows

    why I seperate the lines? the reason is simple: if i want, i use the lines for shading the parts! it´s the same procedure how i made the "new" Vorcha and Galor/keldon!

    4.pic: texture without shades
    5.pic: texture with some shades
    (BTW: i believe, that Jan Rukr make it also like this:confused: and a little bit more:mrgreen:)

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  5. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I understand. :D Different layers too eh? I'm still getting the hang of layering.

    Great technique, and it is similar to Jans method too you're right. Boy can that guy texture a model!

    Great work, if your other designs are anything to go by then this'll be awesome!
  6. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Wow! you guys are just awesome :) That is a super build! You dont happen to have the plans available for those nifty scale walls in the background and stand do ya? :)
  7. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    i´ll hope so:oops:

    the stand in the Background was a cube, now doublesized!
    and the wall:mrgreen: is my design! if you want it, you become it :twisted: for all!
    it was an idea to make a scale diorama for big (sea-) ships:cool: and smale space ships:mrgreen:

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  8. OK, I have a simple question. Is the Galaxy model available, and if so, where? I seem to have missed a release of this model.

  9. MaxMadDog

    MaxMadDog New Member

    Der Sensordome sieht wieder super aus.
    Wie weit bist du denn schon mit der Nebulaklasse?
    Liebe Grüße

    The sensordome looks like great.
    How much of the Nebulaclass have you already done?
  10. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    you mean the Galaxy from WLOCK? not yet available! but 3 or 4 other Galaxy´s you can download!

    well, i think, i have 80% finished: the nacelles, the most of the saucer, the Sutherland-sensordome, the "wings" and the lower surface of the hull!
    unfinish are: Phoenix-dom and the upper surface of the hull! at last are the most problems: tooooooooooooooo many windowswall1 and the second beta build look better than the first:cool:

    BTW: thats my first model with "Spanten" (i dont know, what it is in english:cry: maybe "structural support parts"?)


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  11. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Nice work, Marko. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
    Spanten (strukturelle hauptsächlichunterstützungen ?)

    You can say either 'frames' or 'framework'.

    But please see my signature, below:

    (entspannen Sie sich. es ist nur eine Meinung)
  12. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    "frames" - okay, that´s also the translation with Babelfish (or something else)
    ! I hoped, it give an other original english word for it! anyway!!! it´s my first time to use that stuff:mrgreen:

    BTW: the english words for star trek stuff are in german totally different, but the most is the same:cool:!
    warp nacelle - Warpgondel
    saucer - Untertasse(-sektion)
  13. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    That's what I loved about learning German at school's such a logical language! Saucer....what the hell has that got to do with sauce? The German is literally 'under cup' .. which is where the thing goes sign1

    That aside, I think this model is going to look pretty sweet when it's finished. A lot of the Trek ships out there lack detail, and seeing this with all the layering is good. More of these please!
  14. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    More is always good! The Scimitar or the Valdore maybe?
  15. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer


    i never learned English in the school, russian only (east-germany)! but the Germans dont need to learn english! why? many words in german are english, it´s easier to say! everybody say: "es ist ein highlight für mich!", but if you correct translate is highlight = hochlicht! but that word not exist:cry:! highlight means höhepunkt (highpoint)!!!wall1 or the word "LIVE" -Direktübertragung! but no one say "Direktübertragung"!

    back to topic

    Scimitar or Valdore? no chance!!! i have no Blueprints and i hate to need a bad or a good mesh from other peoples!
    but good news: i have all, what i need for the DS9:wave7:
  16. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I understand buddy. :D Though not to try and persuade you or push you into it. I can provide very accurate and "official" reference material for the Scimitar. Maybe something to consider? LOL!
  17. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    okay you can send me your best stuff and i take a look on it! maybe i give it a chance:rolleyes: But I WILL make the DS9 (with over 1000 parts:twisted:)!!!!!
  18. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I'm sending you files now. Hope it measures up for ya! :D
  19. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    this is looking really good marko !! sehr gut meine freund !! die ds9 ist gut also !!:thumb:
  20. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    hi guys!:wave:
    just an update:oops: I finished the sensordome of the Phoenix! It was the second (wall1) beta-build; the first was a disaster! for the rest of this model: I hope, i have all parts finish and can build the rest of it!!!

    here are the pics:

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