Nebuchadnezzar hovercraft from the Matrix??

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by clif52, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. clif52

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    Wasn't someone working on a paper model of the Nebuchadnezzar hovercraft from the Matrix? I seem to remember something about it from a year or two ago. Maybe on the old SmartGroups website. Does anyone else remember anything about it. I had a friend ask me about a model this weekend. I don't remember seeing a plastic or resin kit of it.

  2. modelnutz7

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    Hi Cliff,

    Ther was a model of the Neb being built on this site:-


    scroll down you'll find It. I tred e mailing the guy but with no luck.

    Alfred Wong did the masters for this kit:-


    I don't know of any mesh of the ship, but I hope that someone attempts the model in card sometime


  3. Master-Bruce

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    Howdy Tom,

    This is a ship that I've been interested in since I saw the movie years ago. I'd like to say I'll do it,but don't want to dissapoint you again like I did with the WarHawk. Although I have sent an email to Alfred asking if he could help with reference for it. ;)

    If no-one attempts it by the time I'm done with what I have on now, I'll have a go. Just don't know when that'll be.

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  5. Master-Bruce

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    Found his 3' version too. I know this isn't paper, but it is relevant to this topic. Starship Modeler: Gallery (Vehicles & Vessels)

    I've also contacted him to see if he'd helpwith reference for a future paper project. See what happens eh?
  6. Master-Bruce

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    Good news. The guy who built the two models linked above has shared his reference with me. Not all of what he had but enough for basic plans to start a model.

    Screen captures willtake care of the rest.

    I'll add this to my list for next year.

    How big would you guys want it to be?
  7. Nothing

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  8. i think this is a great model id like it about a foot to
  9. Master-Bruce

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    Cool, well I'll carry on gathering reference for it on the quiet. Then make a start when I get the time. :)

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