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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by railroader9731, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I was out for a ride passing thru Oneida ran into a bit of construction :cry: and decided to snap some pics and got a neat surprise a NYO&Wry FT a,b unit, must be some ond bought her and rebuilt her with a new paint job. Also cought a local sitching out a cut of box cars couldnt resist.

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  2. jesso

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    Nice construction scene! Really like those engines!:thumb: How did you make your roads? They have a nice texture, they look like our streets after they are rock-chipped.
  3. Thanks Jesso for the compliments. I used roofing shingles and hit the smother side with sandpaper.
  4. mooreway

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    :thumb: Nice work.
  5. Nomad

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    Hello 9731, nice scene's. I have tried using roofing shingles for roads too, but never thought of sanding them. Great idea.
    What did you use to make the lines? Markers?

  6. Believe it or not Nomad colored pencils (tip) keep a sharpener handy for em.:thumb:
  7. Ralph

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    I agree that your road looks great as does the construction scene. Very nice to see that NYO&W unit!
  8. I was at the diner eating lunch today and as i scratched my head over the crossword puzzle i heard a couple of men chatting to one another. At first minding my crossword i over heard them say something about a consist. I said consist..... now what are they doing the gentelmen replied as he sat down you didnt hear? I said about what? The O&W is comming back as a coal hauler due to economy woes. ( I thought to my self that may explain the FT) He sipped on his coffee and said that there was atrain bringing a few cabeese and a old beat up u boat thru town headding for the yard for reapir and repainting. Looks like ill be keeping an eye and lense out.
  9. wpyr

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    That road looks great! SO does the scene!
  10. Thanks for the comments:mrgreen:
  11. Sorry for the delay for those who keep following this thread I had my computer shut down and canceled the internet service. Yet i keep in touch through my step bros computer, yes i did take pics of the unit and the cabeese passing through town. Ill get em up as soon as i can:mrgreen:

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