Neat Me-109

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Getter1, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Very interesting!
    I also see that the author seems to be working on the innards of a FW190.
    Anyway, will you be making an attempt at the BF109E model?
  3. Getter1

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    Hello Eric_Son

    Yeah I keep checking his site frequently for the release of the FW-190 and the Zero float plane.

    Yes I will be building the Me-109 but I have started on the I-16 first. So far I've only built the tail surfaces.

    Anyone else going to attempt these kits?

  4. eric_son

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    I don't think I mentally and physically prepared to tackle something like that yet. Heheheh...
    But yeah, I'd love to take on that (especially the FW190) in the near future.

    I wonder if it would be feasible to modify a similarly scaled standard model (e.g. Polikarpov from Modele Kartonowe) to be used as a detachable skin for the skeletal model.
  5. k5083

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    I've been thinking about building these for some time, maybe even designing a few. They could be designed without a CAD program because there are no tubes to fit together and unfold.

    I think they would be less intimidating if scaled up to 1/50. Maybe even 1/33. Luckily the author/artist has provided vector pdfs so this is easy.

  6. k5083

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    I don't think so, but what would be feasible is to substitute the skeletal model for parts of the standard paper model (e.g. just build one wing and part of the fuselage in cutaway, the rest normal). That could be really cute and would carry less risk of mental and physical trauma.

  7. lunarhighway

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    hi all

    I actually tried to make a cutaway version of the polikarpov I 16 using the Modele Kartonowe model and the structure model linked above...

    i had already build the I 16 three times scaled down to 1/72 from 1/33 and even in this scale it really builds very nice so i wanted something more detailed.

    i think a combination of the two models is very much possible, only using the normal model as a full skin will cause some problems as the skin will fit to tight over the bulkheads, especially in small scales...reducing the scale of the skeleton slightly might solve this. also i found the two models are of a different type of i 16. this is mainly obvious becouse of the different length of ailerons and also some missing ducting to the lower air intake on the clowing.
    but this is all easy to fix with the right references, and it adds to the "adventure" of the project.

    i don't have a decent camera so those interested will have to do with some scans i've made of the model when it was about 80% complete.


    as you can see i'm somewhat addicted to this model... since this project i've also build i repaint of it in 1/48 scale with skis, and i fear it won't be the last one :D
  8. k5083

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    Nice. Just what I was thinking of.

  9. Getter1

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    Hey Lunarhighway,

    Glad to see another I-16 fan out there. Love your half and half build :D Can't wait to see it completed.

  10. Redwulf

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    Very Nice

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