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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by mummert, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Im new to model railroading and very new to dcc. I am considering getting the nce power cab. I am wondering if it will have enough power to run four locomotives at the same time without getting a booster. The layout will be N scale. Two of the locos will be hooked together. I am not running any sound on the locos. Also does the power cab have some kind of memory to remember the speed of each loco. For example if I have one loco at full speed and put in the address for another loco that is stopped will that loco automatically go to full speed or will it stay stopped until I throttle that loco up. Like I sayed I am very new to this and trying to learn. Thank you all for help.
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    Information on Tony's Trains shows that the PowerCab should handle up to 6 trains comfortably. I am not familiar with the unit but it looks like a simple set to begin with.

    Most systems allow you to address more than one train on a given controller. There is a memory function that keeps the speed setting of your last entry when you switch to another address. So if you have your first train going :)eek: :eek: heaven forbid) full throttle and you punch in the address on engine 2, you are starting at zero with that one, and so on, etc.) When you go back to engine one it will still be blazing around the layout at full throttle :eek:

    Go to the NCE website and see if you can download an operating manual. May help in your decision making process.

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