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    Ok, I tried sending e-mails earlier, and they wouldn't accept the size of the attachments, so I uploaded all of my most recent models to I'll probably start filling up a folder there as a back-up for Savefile, though the good news is that its responding now with a page that says to try back later, instead of being completely unresponsive like before.

    Anyway, here's the folder:
  2. Paragon

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    I've finally sold my first model on eBay! I'm pretty excited. I decided to do a full size build of the new Enterprise, including some special treatment (wax on the bussards and deflector to make them shine plus other odds and ends). I even decided to throw together a quick model stand for the Enterprise and for the USS Kelvin, which I am trying to sell now. The stand will, of course, be available on my website soon.

    Oh, and for those curious, it only sold for $24.99 (plus $8 shipping), much less than I was hoping to get for it. Not bad considering its my first sale ever on eBay though. And in the event that anyone else is interested in buying another built copy of this model (not sure why you would be if you're a card modeler yourself), I'm definitely willing to take commissions, and will probably build another to put up for auction.

  3. Nothing

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    thats great paragon!
  4. THE DC

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    Congrats on a first sale!


    THE DC
  5. Paragon

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    Put together a new and improved version of the movie Enterprise, I have to say I'm much more pleased with it than the previous version.

  6. cdavenport

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    Klingon Battle Cruiser

    Veering off topic, I built Ron Caudillo's TOS NCC-1701 and am wondering if there is a TOS Klingon Battle Cruiser out there in roughly the same scale.

    Of course, it would be nice if it was of the same quality as Ron's, but beggars cannot be choosers.

  7. Millenniumfalsehood

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    When I read that, I couldn't help but be reminded of the opening part of the Simpsons Movie:

    XD sign1
  8. Rawen

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    Hi Paragon!

    Great work. I like star trek ships too. I think this will help you to make more detail on your enterprise:

    i use these official blueprint to make my mini version of the enterprise ( still in progress, much work, no time...:-(

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