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  1. loenf

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    today i finished the Enterprise E from Zosho's "Novice Cardmodel Designer"-page. This Model has no construction manual, so the model is very difficult to assemble. Many thanks to the excellent building-report from WLOCK and the hints of D-WHALE. This is the second Star Trek Model I build, and I think its not the last one....

    Regards loenf

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  2. trekman1017

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    a wonderful build, im worling on the same
  3. think-floyd

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    That's an extremely clean build loenf, congratulations! Really, very nice work. Looking forward to seeing more builds from yourself!
  4. jaeike

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    I echo the others when I say what a great clean build! I've been wanting to build this kit for some time now. Glad to see that it's possible to get such great results. Great job!
  5. loenf

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    Thanks a lot! At the moment I am working on Zosho's Akira Class, the U.S.S. Thunderchild. Of course I post the Pictures at the forum when I finished the Model.

    Regards Loenf

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