NCC-1701-D bridge beta build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by paulhbell, Aug 29, 2007.

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    superb! magnificent! incredible!
    (my poor english doesnt knows compliments enough for you...
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    Thanks very much, Lot's of post unfolding texturing to do and cleaning up but I'm happy with this one even more than the "D".

    Again Paul, lovin' what you're doing here! BTW, the walls don't have to be attached in any particular order to one another, it's just how I did the instructions.
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    First off, new photo, view screen wall nearly complete and other parts. This photo has been taken without flash (battery nearly dead), so I've tried to use a spot light and it has created shadows on the view screen. The actual parts are a lot better than in the photo.

    I am actually further on than the photos I've been showing, the view screen is finished and glued on the base, the seats are all nearly finished, consoles are nearly finished, most of the doors are done and I've started on the wooden bar that worf stands behind. I've put thick card inside the doors, making them a bit stronger, as they help join the walls together.

    I did say above that it would be finished for today, but 'things' have happened at home over the last couple of days, so I would hope to get the bridge complete for tuesday.

    And I will post a lot more photos tomorrow. Using charged battery.

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  4. Master-Bruce

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    Looking good Paul. Though something seems wrong on the left(our left) of the viewer. I'm wondering if it's just perspective playing tricks?

    Did it go together OK? That part is almost symetrical, but doesn't look it from this perspective?

    No offense intended, I'm just making sure nothing needs altering on the parts before release.
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    The screen has gone together with the floor ok, so I guess it was just the photo. It went together ok. I would recommend using thicker paper than I used though (120gsm). I filled the doors with card and they look good, it also gives more support.
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    Oh, OK. As long as you're sure. Though, I've been looking at my damn monitor for so long now everything looks odd to me. LOL

    What's on the table today?
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    Bump. Hey Paul, it's been a while. How goes it?
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    Ok. This has been finished for a while now, but a couple of things have stopped me being around.

    Don't forget this was the beta version, so Skip may have made some changes. No real problems with the build, just lots of tabs to glue.

    I am actually very happy how it came out, as I thought it would be a nightmare to make. It has been well designed, although it is not for a beginner.

    A big thank you to Skip, for designing an excellent model.

    More to come tomorrow night. Close ups.

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    Looks great Paul!!! I'm really happy to see it done! I've made a few small changes since you got the copy we see here, nothing huge though.

    Job well done. Really!!
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    Isn't amazing how white stands out against the brown bar though. Just spotted that, it don't look that bad in person. Maybe the camera flash?
    I could use a felt tip to colour the edges.
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    Sorry for the delay here Paul. For some reason I'm not getting all of my notifications for replies to threads I'm subscribed to. ??

    Yeah, the white can stand out quite a bit. I either use chalks ot felt tip pens for seams. The camera flash can make models look worse than they are sometimes.
  12. paulhbell

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    Couple more

    Some close ups. And full view.

    These are the last photo's of the 'D' bridge that I have saved, so now time to say 'engage', while pulling jacket down and then pointing finger towards viewscreen.

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  13. Master-Bruce

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    Cool! Thanks Paul, job well done! :) :)

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