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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Dragos, Mar 26, 2009.

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    German WW II UFOs?

    That's a new one!

    Usually, what springs to mind are the secret German WW II 'Vril' and 'Haunebu' crafts, of which designer 'Julescrafter' has made such excellent paper models (of the latter type) - the Haunebu II 'Dornier-Strathosphär-Gerät', the Haunebu III and Haunebu IV (produced near the German town of Hauneburg).
    Sorry, I cannot post any links yet (only after a total of 15 posts)

    There is also 'Die Glocke' or 'The Bell' myth, supposedly initiated (in secret) by the SS Director of V-2 missile manufacture, Hans Kammler.
    You can find 'The Bell' model at - it looks a little bit like this Spanish UFO, don't you think?

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    does anybody know where you have one Vril card model to get?
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    As Bengt said, at the Julius Perdana (Julescrafter) site,

    The OVNI presented on the spanish site is supposed to be Haunebu I, the II, III and IV (160m diameter!!!!!) are on julius site.

    I've downloaded many things (pics, papers, videos, etc...) on Internet about Vril (which seems to be linked to a secret society) and Haunebu, bot nothing that proove me that such things have really existed and flown.

    Maybe all this is fictitious, as the CGI pics of a Russian super-Kalinin K-7 fighting a Nazi Haunebu IV Flying Saucer...

    Still searching and waiting for the truth...

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    Hello, i think not the ist real, but i am fascinated what some people about this lost empire of madness think.
    And i like the Models sign1

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