NASA's Crawler Transporter 1/96th Scale

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  1. exzealot

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    Hello all,

    I wanted to update you on the progress of my scratch-built 1/96th scale Crawler. I have been working on this since last Christmas. The model you see below is built from 1mm cardboard and posterboard as well as standard diameter dowel rod. All of these parts were hand cut. The white plastic truck assemblies were made from stereo lithography patterns and cast in plastic. But I have decided to do these in card also. However, since these parts are so tiny, I am having these parts laser cut. I'll keep you posted on further progress.


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  2. theanalogkid

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    Phew!!! a big job. looks good. Any idea how long to go?
    Cheers, Andrew
  3. WeeVikes

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    Wow...I want one!

    Once this is done, you and I should get our models together...

  4. jasco

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    You are truly a modeller's modeller! Beautiful work!
  5. SCEtoAux

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    Lookin' good.:thumb:
    So, you gonna put a spacecraft on it eventually?:mrgreen:
  6. exzealot

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    1:96th Crawler update:

    The following pictures show my latest progress on the crawler's 4 truck assemblies.

    Picture 1 shows the flat patterns for the steering arms.

    Picture 2 shows a completed set of arms and a comparison to the plastic version.

    Picture 3 is a shot of all the completed arms.

    Picture 4 are the flat patterns for the lower truck bodies.

    Picture 5 shows 1 completed truck and the patterns for the 2d one. The plastic model next to the truck body is what this this will eventually look like. The track cleats simply fit over the teeth.


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  7. exzealot

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    This is a picture of progress on the top assembly for one of the corner trucks. You can see a truck body without the top, all of the parts cut out and ready to build the top assembly, and then one of the truck bodies with the top assembly built up.


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  8. SAustin16

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    Very cool. Please keep up the photos.

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