Nasa is using White Knight

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by NYC Irish, May 31, 2005.

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    Actually its refreshing to hear that egos are giving way to common sense and the common good.
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    Seriously...One of the best Articles covering the WK work was in the UK Sunday Times a few weeks ago which dealt with the intended body that NASA should have become and what it is...Its impossible to find it again, I think its thrown out by my darling wife.. but was excellent if anyone can get it..

    What was NASA using before??? A B52??

    I cant wait for Space Ship 2...Im saving already

    John John
  4. From the cost standpoint using SCIs White Knight has to a lot cheaper than using the aging BUFF for drop and glide tests.
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    John John,

    would the website of the Times have that article online?

    i for one would like to read it

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    Naah sorry I went looking for it but the Times charges you to look back through its records...I liked the article as it was more about Mr. Rutan and his reasons for getting into the X prize race and his intentions rather than the Technology Report that so many others(thankfully as Im into that too) carry on with.

    I couldnt believe it when in the middle of the other companies saying..."we have a design...we just need $100000 to start".....or "We test fired our rocket engine that will burn for 200 seconds to power our ship yesterday...It worked....but we are going to have to do more work as it melted itself after 11.9 seconds.." I commend their work but when Mr. Rutan displayed WK&SS1 an dsaid "well yeah...we start flight trials next month" I was over the moon

    Burt Rutan...THE MAN

    John John
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    Burt Rutan should be declared a World Heritage resource. :)

    Too bad NASA won't use the shuttle-cock tail boom configuration that Space Ship 1 has.
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    Yeah, too bad NASA won't just use Space Ship 1 :)
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    I dnoo...A B52 with a tail like that.....

    on a serious note...didnt they test fly a sport glider with a T tailplane configuration and the Elevator would feather to allow the glider sink vertically for a landing...something they wanted to use on their Mars Glider program... Dont get me started on that program....

    John John

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