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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by armchairmodeler, Feb 14, 2006.

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    hello guagers my name is luke i live in dallas texas i have been an avid railroader for 35 yrs now. i am currently into ho scale but am very interested in converting to narrow guage. i love to scratchbuild and have an extremely large collection of scratchbuilding supplies ie doors windows scale lumber etc.i have a great interest in the backwoods charm of logging and the make it work attitude of the loggers. anyhow i was hoping someone out there can help me with the conversion from ho to hon3 or hon21/2. i have many questions regarding narrow guage and would appreciate any and all the input from you fellow modelers thanks in advance luke (armchairmodeler) email
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    For starters, we have "Narrow Gauge Model Railroading", "The Logging Line", and "On30", all of these have narrow gauge information in them, that can be useful if you're getting into "slim gauge".
    I would also recommend "Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazzette", and if you are interested in logging, "Timber Times", both excellent magazines.
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    :wave: welcome to the gauge Luke :wave:

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