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    announce1One of my friends, Rod Clarke, has just written and had published a book called Narrow gauge Through the Bush, about the Toronto Grey & Bruce and Toronto & Nipissing Railways.
    This is a big thick book -- almost 400 large pages, tons of diagrams and old drawings, plus a nice long text. (Diagrams include locomotives including two different double Fairleys.)
    I've barely started reading it, so I can't comment properly.
    The book is $65 from Credit Valley Railway, and probably others.
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    I got it last night and am only at the first 10 pages. It's not only a detailed history of the TG&B and the T&N but also gives a good overview of the economic and political circumstances under which the development of railways occurred, not only in Canada but also in Britain and the US.

    Lots of photos of rare old (pre-1885) photos of the locomotives, drawings for modelling and architectural interest. And a very detailed history.

    We usually think that the first narrow gauge railway was built in the US. Not true! It happened first right here in Canada.

    It's a heavy read but if you're interested in the history of early railway development in Canada, it's a "must-read". Well worth the price.

    Bob M.
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    I think I just saw this at George's Trains. It looked interesting but is probably "too heavy" a read for me right now -- I already have trouble keeping up with my regular magazines & books! Rob

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